The Deluxe Humbler

The Deluxe Humbler
Item# DNXR-0720DB300

The Deluxe Humbler
The Deluxe Humbler

The humbler is a hand made SM device that secures around the ball sack and locks it in place with its built in security mechanism.

A key is required for opening and locking the device, giving the Dominant exclusive control.

The wings of the humbler secure under the butt. If the wearer tries to stand while in the humbler, intense pressure will be felt as the ball sack starts to pull further from the body. Thus, this cruel device keeps them crawling on all fours.

The wearer can not get to their feet.

In addition to the unique locking feature this humbler has 2 electrical terminals that can be connected to an electrosex unit giving them a sensational experience.

E-stim leads are banana style and work with Folsom products directly.

Pin to Banana Inline Adapters will convert pin style leads to fit into the connectors, allowing you to use Zeus Electrosex Power Boxes with this product.


15 1/4" long

2" wide

Ball Enclosure is 2" wide, 1 1/8" tall and is 7/8" deep.